Stop Motion Animation

These stop motions were made over a year ago, but I missed them so I’ve brought them out to play. These were created in Voltaire‘s Stop Motion Animation class at SVA—a very enjoyable and crafty semester spent in a basement on 23rd street.

Half the fun was the making of the models (see below) and the huge pay off for hours of work was seeing the characters ‘come to life’.

The process of making the models for Penelope, and for Me, was hard work but really fun. First an armiture of 1/8″ sculpture wire, glue and nuts was created, which was covered in foam, latex and string.



The Super sculpey head, hair and clothes were created next. Penelope’s fabulous orange hair —made from a Halloween wig—was no good for a stop motion; it was too hard to control between shots. Instead, I braided it up and wrapped it around a wire so that it could manipulated. The best part for me was making teeny-tiny and fiddlesome lips and eyes which will be afixed to the faces with titchy bits of tacky jewelry wax.



And finally, a little bit of Del Amitri.


  1. Melissa

    I love these animations!!

  2. Judith

    I could could watch Penelope ,Pierre and Me over and over , and the music is perfect , it makes me happy , and that’s wonderful !!
    Clever ,, very ,,,
    Clap, clap ,clap ,,

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