Sebastian’s mural

This mural is for sweet Boo (little Sebastian Henry, aka Velcro Baby) for his first birthday. His parents wanted something not too babyish to ensure that it might last for a few years—so it was out with the initially proposed elephant and monkey, and in with trucks and buses (including a yellow school bus, a previous personal favourite of Captian Lawrie, Seb’s older brother). Those wheels and windows are going to be tricky but who doesn’t love a stripey hot air balloon?


Paints were bought from Home Depot, where Seb’s Mama found the coolest Colors “stardust” glitter paint, perfect for the clouds. The other paints used were Colors tester pots (Flame, Orange, Grey slate, Golden rays, Lush lagoon, and Barbados blue) and Dulux tester pots in Striking cyan and Teal facade. The painter’s tape I brought from the US came in very handy for the many straight edges and worked out about 90% of the time. I was able to transfer the illustration to the wall using Saral transfer paper.

I completed a large portion of the painting during the two days I was in London. Seb’s Mama helped, and Seb (who does not like to be apart from his leading lady for too long) was involved in the process also. Seb’s Mama and Papa will take the mural to completion in the coming months. Cannot wait to see it!

Enjoy little Seb—this one was definitely a family effort!


Update: And now the final!  (Seb’s Grandpa “Jay” helped with painting too!)


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